Nature Drops has a number of adventure activities hosted on the resort property itself. The adventure activities are supervised by a qualified and certified trainer and are conducted with complete safety guidelines.

Burma Rope Bridge

Burma Bridge at Nature Drops

To add to the fun of camping, Nature Drops has installed Burma Rope Bridge. Do it alone or in a group, you will have fun of a lifetime.

Flying Fox or Zipline Activity

Zipline at Nature Drops

If you are an adventure junkie or just an amateur enthusiast, you can have a feel of flying through hills through the zipline adventure activity.

Rope Net

Rope Net at Nature Drops

Rope Net is a classical adventure activity which uses strength of the hands and involves balancing body against the gravity.

Rappelling or Abseiling

Experience the thrill of climibing a vertical drop and get clicked with unique contrast of brown hills and greenery.

Rock Climbing

Nature Drops is located in a unique terrain with abundant rocks for moderately difficult climbing. This activity is suitable for both skilled and amateur rock climbers.


Enjoy the traditional adventure activity of trekking in the calmest valley of the Uttarakhand. You can feel a bond of your soul with the Mother Nature.

Please Note: All the adventure activities are conducted by a third party vendor and are reasonably charged.

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