Nature Drops is a year-round destination. The weather delights you every month.


November marks the beginning of autumn and you can experience snowfall from late December to mid January. The contrast of green and white makes a breathtaking view. While November temperature ranges from 14ºC to 20°C, it can dive as low as 0ºC in late December.


The valley shows spectacular Buransh flowers and it is one of the most beautiful sights that will be etched in your memory. Temperature during these months lies between 12ºC to 25°C.


These three months are pleasant and comfortable, with warm noon and cold night. The surrounding greenery is at prime in these months. You can see magnificent bloom all around Nature Drops. Temperature during these months lies between 14ºC to 28°C.


The valley gets surrounded by clouds and you can see them moving at the closest possible. This magnificent sight is unique for the location of Nature Drops. Temperature during these months lies between 15ºC to 27°C.


These two months are a beautiful combination of all weathers. You can expect greenery, clouds, flowers in comfortably cold weather. Temperature during these months lies between 18ºC to 26°C.


  • As the weather at Pangot changes frequently, light woolen clothing are recommended for every season
  • Sport shoes should be carried for active tasks during the trip
  • Patrons on regular medication are advised to carry medicines
  • Available mobile networks are Vodafone, Idea and BSNL

Nature Drops hosts a number of events and rolls out seasonal deals so that the patrons can experience the best of weather. Visit the Facebook page for the latest updates.

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