Sports and Games

Nature Drops provides for a number of sports and games. The equipment are provided by the resort.

Outdoor Sports


Think about playing badminton in the scenic valley where birds and clouds are your audiences. Nature Drops provides you with a sports experience like none else. You can play by rules or just for fun, loose some calories and take away memories for a lifetime.

Kite Flying

How about flying a kite among clouds and breezy winds? The location of Nature Drops is favourable for kite flying and you can plan a kite flying competition with friends and family. Don’t worry if you are an unskilled kite-man as you can request staff for a quick guide or a helping hand.

Indoor Games

Table Tennis

You can have a face off table tennis match with your family or friends. You will lose calories but will not get tired. Thanks to favourable weather conditions at the resort.

Pool Table

Pool table multiplies fun when you are partying with your friends.

Soccer Table

Soccer table has passion of soccer and comfort of an  indoor game. The game can be enjoyed by 2 or 4 players.

Ludo/ Snakes & Ladders

People born before the smartphone age will never forget summer afternoons spent playing ludo or snakes & ladders. Rekindle those memories and enjoy the most popular Indian indoor game ever.

Carrom Board

Chase the Queen in leisure time and enjoy strike and pocket.

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